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Our Lands & Properties offers you the opportunity to buy land from us while leveraging our flexible payment structure over an extended period.

Why You Should Buy Land

Real Estate investment isn't a magical form of investment, rather it is backed with deep strategic thinking. Here are a few reasons you should become a Property Owner today!

Reliable Investment

Experts have concluded that Real Estate is one of the most stable forms of investment, and land banking is one of the most stable forms of Real Estate investment. What that means is that when done right, land banking is a double-secure investment strategy.

Save Money

Real Estate maintenance is way cheaper and less risky in comparison to other forms of investments. The cost of maintaining a land/property is relatively cheaper when there's no pressure to develop the land, all you need is a good perimeter fence and constant inspection.

Value Increase

Land investment of any form is usually very profitable due to the continuous increase in the demand for land especially in a developing country like Nigeria. Land investment carries the highest ROI and growth rates mostly ranging between 30 to 70% yearly in most areas.

View Our Available Estates


Premier Garden Estate

Location: Abijo G.R.A. Lekki

Promo Price: N20 Million/Per Plot (500SQM)
Actual Price: N24 Million/Per Plot (500SQM)

Promo Price: N25 Million/Per Plot (600SQM)
Actual Price: N30 Million/Per Plot (600SQM)

Land Document: Exicision

~Paved Roads
~Perimeter Fence
~Estate Security

Vine Ridge Estate

Location: Abijo G.R.A. Lekki

Price: N13 Million/Per Plot (600SQM)

Land Title: Governor's Consent (GC: 123370)

~Paved Roads
~Perimeter Fence
~Estate Security

Dove Colony Estate

Location: Elerangbe Ibeju Lekki

Promo Price: N2.5 Million/Per Plot (500SQM)

Actual Price: N3.5 Million/Per Plot (600SQM)

Land Document: Exicision

~Paved Roads
~Perimeter Fence
~Estate Security

How It Works

Purchase to our Lands/properties in 3 easy steps. 

Select Your Plan

Select the Estate you want to buy and a payment tenure/structure that suits your finances

Make Secure Payment

After selecting your plan, you'd be contacted with more information and payment details.


After your payment has been confirmed, your purchase plan would be kick-started and necessary documents would be exchanged.

Our Special Features

Many people want to invest in landed properties but are unable to due to financial shortfalls, but imagine you could become a landowner without having to break your back or bank.

Organized Payment

Your payment structure is well layered, organized, and very simplified.

Legit Documents

You have a legally binding document that makes it easy to claim your land.

100% Response Time

We ensure the prompt activation of your payment plan.

Low Entry Barrier

You have access to flexible payment plans and payment duration for easy investment.

Plan Updated

We provide you with constant update follow to help you track your payment progress.

Quality Support

We provide prompt support services and updated FAQs to answer your questions.

Invest. Grow. Trust

At UniversalVine we provide the most reliable Real Estate Investment deals to enrich your lives. When you invest with us, you are putting your resources in reliable, strategic, and profitable hands. We don't just create real estate offers for the sake of it, we make sure that our properties are strategically located in fast growing areas that guarantee you a massive Return on investment. All our Estates were designed with only one goal in mind, to make it an investment you'd always be grateful for every day of your life.

Buy To Develop

Landbanking could be a way to accrue massive expanses of lands across multiple regions with the goal of developing those lands based on growth trends and geographical migration. Simply put you can buy a lot of lands now so you can build them and make money off reselling or renting them out.

Buy To Resell

The average interest rates on bank deposits is between 1.2% - 2.8% yearly, whereas the value increment of land within that same period is usually with 30% to 60% on an average. What this means is that if you buy a land and resell with a year, you'd make at least 27% more than you make keeping that money in the bank.


I bought 4 plots of land a couple of years ago around Ibeju-Lekki and I recently sold them at a 65% increase in value.

John M. Chukwudi

As a site engineer, it didn’t take much to convince me to invest in land, cause I know how much those structures I work on can generate. I have resold 2 plots of my and and am developing the other 2 plots.

Debo Peters

My sister advised me to buy lands to keep and resell later, I am glad I listened to her, I bought my land at 1million each, land in that area is now 2.5million within 3years

Bisola Alaka

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